The 360˚ recording system made for professionals

Enhance your vehicle monitoring capabilities and protect your staff with CloudSpec. Our high definition, highly secure system records video and sound with a full 360˚ view of both the inside and outside of the vehicle simultaneously.

Introducing CloudSpec

CloudSpec aims to support you in safeguarding your employees through a unique vehicle based monitoring solution. Our interactive, tamper proof 24x7 camera systems monitors and records a full 360 degree view of both the inside and outside of the vehicle simultaneously. All footage is encrypted, time/dated and provides you with vital video evidence which can be used in a court of law.


Safety and security are of key importance to emergency services personnel. Our secure systems record sound and image both inside and outside the vehicle which can be used to review particular incidents and even be submitted as evidence if there is a need to prosecute.


Staff and passenger safety is of the upmost importance. Our video and audio monitoring solution offers a cost effective replacement for CCTV that allows recording inside and outside the vehicle with full driver viewing for safer driving.


Our state of the art digital recording technologies are a low cost add-on that is simple to install into any vehicle. Allowing you to pass on the benefits of enhanced security and safety to your customers.


Tamper proof recording and encryption allows for secure vehicle monitoring. 360 degree driver live view can also remove blindspots, reduce accidents and potentially reduce insurance premiums.


“We use state of the art technology and software to create easy to use monitoring and recording solutions.”


Rob Andrews, Technical Director, CloudSpec.


Quality Recording

360 Degree recording
Records inside and outside the vehicle simultaneously
1080p High Definition camera
High quality sound recording
Low light and night time recording capability

Highly Resilient

Damage Proof Casing
Withstands vibration
Withstands varying temperatures and weather conditions
3D printed replacement parts within 24 hours
Minimum 12 month warranty

Simply Secure

Tamper proof
Recording equipment securely locked in the vehicle
Encrypted footage
Footage admissible as evidence in court
Secure cloud storage

“CloudSpec has delivered a high quality, bespoke, 360 CCTV system to Surrey & Sussex police which is now in operation out in the field with a rollout programme to further cell vans in the fleet over the next 6 months. Given the bespoke and specialist nature of the SSP requirement, I’m delighted with the system and overall package provided by CloudSpec. We are now working with CloudSpec closely to look at further functionality for the cell van systems to include a searchable private cloud of captured data.”

– Kevin White, Fleet Operations Manager (Surrey & Sussex Police)

Our Latest News

CloudSpec 360 pass 50 Demos in 2017

After a successful show at the NAPFM event in June, the CloudSpec team have been up and down the country demonstrating the unique 360' vehicle recording solution. Feedback from our customers underlines the importance of both safety and security which our secure 360 degree vehicle recording systems deliver. To book your demonstration, please contact the team on 0121 288 1497.